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Newcastle Netball Grading for the 2023 Season

Please note: the 10 years will no longer need to court grade following last week's washout. Refer to the final grades below.

7 Years - Brown

Cardiff Tynees, Kotara Souths Goslings, Kotara Souths Buds, MWNC Galahs, NGS 11, South Aquamarine, Souths Citrine, Souths Turquoise, SPNC Starfish, Waratah Goldies, West Leagues Dolphins, West Leagues Nippers

8 Years - Brown

Cardiff Pussycats, Kotara South Tangerines, NGS 10, Nova Gems, Souths Amber, Souths Coral, Souths Peridot, SPNC Seahorses, Waratah Superstars, West Leagues Birdies, West Leagues Dollies, West Leagues Roses

8 Years - Green

BNC Cuties, BTAC Blue Flames, Cardiff Clowns, Mayfield Honeybears, MWNC Pelicans, Souths Ivory, Souths Opaline, South Wallsend Starz, SVNC Bubbles, West Leagues Diamonds, West Leagues Sapphires

9 Years - Brown

BTAC Blue Bullets, Kotara South Strikers, Mayfield Bluebirds, MWNC Sandpipers, Norths Narwhals, Souths Garnet, SPNC Mermaids, West Leagues Bears, West Leagues Jewells, West Leagues Opals

9 Years - Green

BTAC Blue Lightning, Cardiff Pandas, Cardiff Canaries, Kotara South Crickets, Kotara South Keelies, Mayfield Jetsets, MWNC Bellbirds, NGS 9, Souths Jasper, Souths Moonstone, West Leagues Checkers

10 Years - Division 1

Cardiff Cyclones, Kotara Sth Blaze, Norths Nautical, Nova Skyrockets, Souths Mars, West Leagues Muffins, West Leagues Poppies

10 Years - Division 2

MWNC Seagulls, Sth Wallsend Cozmics, Souths Neptune, Souths Pluto, Waratah Ravens, West Leagues Puppetts

10 Years - Division 3

Cardiff Cobras, Cardiff Sunflowers, Kotara South Gypsies, Souths Saturn, SPNC Seashells, Waratah Kittyhawks

11 Years - Division 1

BNC Ohana 11, Junction Heat, Kotara South Pumas, Souths Crimson, Souths Fire, Souths Jupiter, West Leagues Maltesers

11 Years - Division 2

BTAC Blue Blazes, Kotara South Sparks, MWNC Turtledoves, NGS 8, Souths Magenta, SPNC Nemos, West Leagues Chillies, West Leagues Lollipops

11 Years - Division 3

Cardiff Jetz, Cardiff Koolkids, MWNC Kiwis, Mayfield Genies, Souths Raspberry, SVNC Rubys, West Leagues Frosties, West Leagues Huskies

12 Years - Division 1

Hydra Stars, Nova Bright Sparks, Souths Chestnut, Souths Cobalt, Souths Helium, West Leagues Marigolds, West Leagues Raindrops, West Leagues Tulips

12 Years - Division 2

Mayfield Celtics, NGS 7, Souths Hydrogen, Souths Krypton, SVNC Shimmers, South Wallsend Sonics, West Leagues Kittens

12 Years - Division 3

Cardiff Katz, Cardiff Rockettes, Kotara Sth Kookaburras, Kotara South Spinners, MWNC Fairy Wrens, Souths Oxygen

13 Years - Division 1

BNC Aiga 13, Cardiff Capprice, NGS 5, Souths Carbon, Souths Nitrogen, Souths Titanium, West Leagues Cobbers, West Leagues Hotshots

13 Years - Division 2

Kotara South Intercepts, MWNC Flamingoes, Souths Tungsten, SVNC Diamonds, Waratah Capris, West Leagues Tangoes, West Leagues Wrens

13 Years - Division 3

Cardiff Wavebreakers, NGS 6, Souths Zinc, Souths Zircon, SPNC Corals, West Leagues Crests

Intermediate - Division 1

Kotara Dynamoes, Norths Orcas, Nova Protons, Souths Chrome, South Glacier, Souths Lapis, West Leagues Gumnuts, West Leagues Warriors

Intermediate - Division 2

Kotara South Cannons, Norths Coastal, Nova Fireflies, Souths Amethyst, Souths Onyx, SVNC Zodiacs, West Leagues Crystals, West Leagues Moonbeams

Intermediate - Division 3

Cardiff Sandies, Kotara South Contax, Mayfield Raiders, MWNC Sparrows, NGS 3, Nova Fusion, Souths Kyanite, Waratah Cruisers

Intermediate - Division 4

Junction Jetsetters, Mayfield Rebels, MWNC Penguins, NGS 4, Souths Quartz, South Wallsend Shadows, SVNC Oakleys, West Leagues Smurfs

17 Years & Under – Division 1

Norths, Norths Seahawks, Souths Argon, Souths Bluegum, West Leagues Emeralds, West Leagues Panthers

17 Years & Under – Division 2

BNC Aiga 16, Mayfield Phoenix, Nova Electrons, Souths Lilly Pilly, South Wallsend Aztecs, SPNC Hula Girls, West Leagues Calypsoes, West Leagues Dodgers

17 Years & Under – Division 3

Cardiff Cavaliers, Mayfield Top Gun, Nova Shooting Stars, Souths Redwood, SVNC Treasures, Waratah Spitfires, West Leagues Starletts

17 Years & Under – Division 4

NGS 2, Souths Hickory, Souths Oak, South Wallsend Supremes, West Leagues Cherries, West Leagues Wild Daisies,

21s - Division 1

BNC Whanau, Junction Vibe, Nova Hurricanes, Souths Cubs, Souths Fig, West Leagues Demons, West Leagues Rosellas, West Leagues Wildcats

21s - Division 2

BNC Ohana, Cardiff Zooloos, Souths Birch, Souths Cedar, West Leagues Novos, UONNC 4

21s - Division 3

Nova Satellites, NGS 1, SPNC Sprites, SVNC Angels, Souths Elm, Wanderers Azure

21s – Division 4

Cardiff Careras, Junction Spritz, Kotara South Defenders, Nova Galaxies, South Wallsend Legends, Wanderers Navy

Tri Series

Greater Championship

BNC Whanau QWH, Kotara South Tigers, Junction Stella, Nova Thunder, Souths Lions, UONNC 1, Waratah Cats, West Leagues Balance No. 1.

Greater Open

BNC Aiga Mex, Kotara South Lynx, Junction Cosmo, Nova Storm, Souths Roar, UONNC 2, Waratah Sabres, West Leagues Balance No2

Greater 23s

BNC Ohana McDonalds, Kotara South Jaguars, Junction Splice, Nova Lightning, Souths Pride, UONNC 3, Waratah O.P. Finance 23s , West Leagues Balance 23s


Division 1

Junction Midori, Kotara South Falcons, Mayfield Elite, Souths Acacia, Souths Aspen, Souths Juniper

Division 2

Commonwealth Hotel, The Albion Hotel, The Prince, OWP, UONNC 5, Waratah Maes

Division 3

Cardiff Bobcats, Mayfield Firebirds, Wanderers Ice Queens, Souths Cypress, South Flame Trees, Waratah Hornets, West Leagues Impacts, Wickham Park Hotel

Division 4

Albion Spirits, Mayfield Bluejays, Newcastle City Bluebelles, Nova Gravity, Nova Neons, Souths Chandon, Souths Poplar, Waratah Avengers

Division 5

Hamilton North Bowling Club, Kotara South Eagles, Souths Maple, Souths Pine, UONNC 6, West Leagues Renegades

Division 6

Beach Hotel, Mayfield Lasers, Nova Magic, SPNC Barracudas, UONNC 7, West Leagues Columbines, West Leagues Regals, West Leagues Wonders

Division 7

Mayfield Delta, Newcastle City Bluebottles, Pinaroo Coastal, Souths Fir, Wanderers Midnight, Waratah Titans

Division 8

Cardiff Zephers, Mayfield Meteors, Souths Sycamore, Souths Teak, SPNC Sirens, SVNC Swifts, UONNC 8, UONNC 11

Division 9

ABC, Mayfield Firestorm, Pinaroo Peninsular, SPNC Beach Belles, UONNC 9, UONNC 10, Wanderers Blue Betty’s, West Leagues Willows

Division 10

Cardiff Aces, Mayfield Premiers, MWNC Toucans, South Wallsend Margaritas, UONNC 12, Waratah Here If You Need, Waratah Raptors, West Leagues Coloradoes

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