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NNA Mental Health and Wellbeing
NNA Mental Health Round 2024

Our Annual  Mental Health Round will be held on Friday July 19  &  Saturday July 20 2024, connecting members and our community to knowledge and the important role sport has in the promotion of positive mental health & well being.

FREE: 90-minute online suicide intervention training

before June 2024

  • Description: In just 90 minutes online, LivingWorks Start trains participants to recognise when someone may be thinking about suicide and how to connect them to help and support.

  • Free training has been funded by the NSW government until June 2024 and is open to anyone at NNA 16 years and older.

NNA Community Resources and Training

NNA Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy

NNA has been working with clubs, players, the broader netball community and Everymind – a Newcastle-based national mental health institute – to develop and implement a new strategy aimed at improving the mental health and wellbeing of players and volunteers.


The Making Connections initiative was launched to coincide with NNA’s annual Mental Health Round held July 29-30, 2022, having received funding from the NSW Ministry of Health’s Mental Health Sports Fund Program.


The strategy has four core actions:


1.    Connecting NNA players and volunteers to positive mental health messages and information through proactive communication


2.    Connecting coaches and officials to the information and skills they need to support players


3.    Connecting players to the supports they need, and to empower them to take action for themselves and others


4.    Connecting the strategy to NNA and club policies to creative a safe, supportive environment for all members.

NNA Help-seeking information

If life in danger call Triple Zero 000

First Nations Specific Help Seeking Resources

Please download the NNA help-seeking resource below and hover over organisations to head straight to websites to access a range of available support services.

Anxiety in Sport Resources

As a component of the Newcastle Netball Association (NNA) Health & Well Being Strategy, Everymind continue to work with the NNA, its member clubs and the broader Newcastle netball community to:

  • Raise awareness about mental health and wellbeing

  • Notice signs of mental health concerns (such as anxiety)

  • Understand how to have difficult conversations with people experiencing distress and

  • recommend appropriate support and support services.


To achieve this, a suite of downloadable resources has been developed specifically for the Newcastle netball community, along with a pre-recorded webinar.


By increasing knowledge, awareness and confidence, key stakeholders such as players, umpires, club officials, coaches and volunteers will have an increased capability to support and improve the mental health and wellbeing of everyone within their respective clubs, young players in particular.

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