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UPDATED: NNA 15s Representative Team Announcement

Following tonight's recall selection for a mid-court position, NNA are pleased to announce the NNA 15 years Representative Team for 2023.


Anna Vogt

Eden Hilder

Emmy Jensen

Lana Kaal

Lexi Taufua

Matilda Ferris

Matilda Percival

Mikayla Ireland

Paiton Cook

Sarah Hobbs



 Abbie Scott  


Coach – Natalie Hilder

Assistant Coach – Stephanie Rufo

Manager – Paula Greentree


Recall selected player, please ensure that you text your ‘FULL NAME AND 'I ACCEPT’

to  0498 578 168 - Manager Paula Greentree by 5th May, 2023


As per the Selection Candidate Details google form, all selections are final.

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