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Registration Information

Registrations open early in January each year for the winter season of the same year.  Check out our events for the exact opening date each year.


If you are new to Newcastle and are looking for a club or a team, there are two options:

  1. Review the different clubs in your area and make contact using the contacts provided on the Club Contacts page; or

  2. Send an email to the NNA Registrar at with details of where you live (to assist with club/team recommendations) and your age, playing history and level you wish to play.


If you are a team looking for an additional player, send an email to the NNA Registrar at with details of the team, age, division and where and when you train to assist with matching any enquiry to your request.


If you need to register a day player for a game, print and fill out the two forms: Registration Form and Late Registration Small Form and submit to the Union Street office along with payment.  You can optionally email the Registrar at attaching the two forms in advance of the Saturday.


If you have any other general registration questions, please send an email to the NNA Registrar at

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